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Inessa Danushevskaya (better known as INESSA) is a singer, musician, and composer. She was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. There, she graduated from the Kiev Music College for Performing Arts majoring as a band leader of folk instruments along with a degree from the Jazz department for vocals and the accordian.


Inessa immigrated to the United States from Kiev in 1993 where she is currently living and working as a singer, entertainer, vocal producer and composer. Inessa released two Russian albums in 2014 and 2018 and is currently working on a new version of her album "In My Dreams I fly" in English with her special European flavor and new album called "This is love" which will go live in 2022


Inessa has won multiple awards in both Europe and the US. Her major accomplishments began in 2014 with the People’s Choice Award at a Hollywood International Entertainment Competition called "Who is Who in Hollywood" in Los Angeles. After that, Inessa got awards in many countries such as Russia for best movie song, France for best performance and more. In Latvia (Jurmala), she became a finalist with her Russian song "Talked to Myself" in 2015. In 2018, Inessa was awarded The Academia Award from The Academia for best pop, hip hop, and funk songs for four of her original pieces. The following year she was awarded the Executive Award from them as well.


In June of 2015 Inessa produced her own concert "Who is Who in Russian Chicago", and in October of 2016 she produced a similar concert in LA called “Who Is Who in Hollywood".


Inessa has now taken her career onto the next level and  signed with Bentley Records, an International Record label based in New York City. To learn more about Inessa, let her music to tell you her story.

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